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유틸리티 소셜 네트워킹
개발자: Roberto Garrido
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Euskalmoji is the first keyboard to send emojis and stickers with Basque themes. Euskalmoji is used to communicate the festivals, celebrations and typical expressions of Euskadi with fun smileys. From ikurriña to lauburu and going through the different emotions that we use in instant messaging applications or our social networks.

Using Euskalmoji is very simple. Install the application, add the new keyboard and use it in any app. To make it easier we have included the detailed instructions in the app.

- Euskalmoji is free
- Euskalmoji is easy to use
- You can use Euskalmoji in any application on your smartphone
- Euskalmoji is in Euskera, Spanish and French

If you have any suggestion of emoticons that you would like us to include contact us so that we can improve the app for the next updates.

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